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  1. $49.00

    Breathing will come easy, but that doesn't mean that your plaything will! Learn More
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    .Develop a new way to communicate, reading your partner’s eyes and body. Savor every smothered whimper and groan as you indulge your cravings. Press the ball past your lover's lips, between those pearly whites, to remind them that they are Learn More
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    Leather gag with solid rubber ball with gold hardware. Learn More
  4. $44.00

    Leather gag with solid rubber ball with rose gold hardware. Learn More
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    Edge Silicone Ball Gag ?Cowhide leather and silicone ?Nickel free metal hardware ?Removable silicone ball gag can be converted to a collar ?Lockable buckle closure with 24” (60.96cm) leather strap Ingredients: 60% cowhide leather, 20% silic Learn More
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    Silicone ball gag with leather strap. Learn More
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    A daring addition to playtime, the Breathable Ball Gag from Sex & Mischief is a sexy way to keep your object of desire quiet and compliant. Learn More
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    Black leather gag with plastic breathable ball. Learn More
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    Plain black leather gag with solid rubber ball. Learn More