Health, Hygiene and Personal Care

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  1. $12.00

    Male and female deodorant for your intimate parts. PharmQuests Fresh Me! Intimate Deodorant is available in 6 ml pen shaped dispensers. Convenient, effortless and almost automatic application. A great idea to have around. Fresh Me! Learn More
  2. $90.00

    BOSOM BOOSTER Want to turn heads with your voluptuous, feminine figure? JO Bosom Booster gives you noticeably fuller, firmer curves that will really make them say “Wow!” Learn More
  3. $34.95

    Feel restored with JO SURE Shrink Learn More
  4. $49.00


    Black Douche - 400 ml Capacity

    Clean never felt so good! A slender tip and an oversized l Learn More

  5. $39.00


    Black Douche - 420 ml

     Firm, pliable, spiraled cleanser probe with oversized easy sq Learn More

  6. $22.00

    A cleaning liquid to spray onto your toys from Australia's leading manufacturers of hard surface sanitisation. Clean is a broad spectrum sanitiser that is an effective antimicrobial agent against bacteria and fungi for use on sex toys and hard surfac Learn More
  7. $59.00

    This "Exxxtreme Sheets" pillow case is specifically designed to withstand your wildest bedroom play. They can be used with all types of lubricants, including oil-based ones that can deteriorate traditional latex rubber, making way for uninhibited fun Learn More
  8. $49.95

    Boost your sensual appeal with JO Pheromone Body Spray. For Men interested in Women. This sensual secret weapon will seduce any target you desire. JO Pheromone Body Spray boosts sex appeal by helping your body release more of its natural chemical att Learn More
  9. $11.95

    Fleshwash Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner is a must for any Fleshlight owner. This 4oz spray-on cleaner uses the powerful anti-bacterial ingredient, Triclosan to fight bacteria and keep your Fleshlight clean and sanitary. Fleshwash is recommende Learn More
  10. $14.00

    Laura Berman, LCSW, PhD has been working as a sex educator and therapist for 20 years, and is considered a leader in her field. Her latest book, “Real Sex for Real Women” is an international Best Seller. The Dr. Laura Berman Intimate Basics Collectio Learn More
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