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  1. Pussy Opener

    Pussy Opener

    Glow in the dark, plastic speculum. Learn More
  2. Travel Douche 5pce

    Travel Douche 5pce

    Very durable, compact and all-easy-to-use! This uni-sex douche kit includes the following: Expandable Douche Bag with plastic hanger cleans up easily & folds back to a compact size for travel and/or dry storage Vaginal Spout with theade Learn More
  3. Unisex Anal Douche Glow In The Dark Tip

    Unisex Anal Douche Glow In The Dark Tip

    These have been around for a long time, and for good reason. If you are keen on hygiene and anal play then this is a must have accessory. Features a glow in the dark tip to show you the way. Learn More
  4. Whirling Spray Douche

    Whirling Spray Douche

    Designed specifically to massage the rectal area whilst cleaning gently. The durable shaped dome tip sprays a circular fountain that produces a pleasurable sensation. This product is to promote a clean bacteria free environment. Learn More

4 Item(s)