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  1. Starburst Tickler Black

    Starburst Tickler Black


    If you want to treat your lover to some fabulous foreplay, then the Natural Starburst Feather Tickler will send their senses soaring! Be it soft and gentle or torrid tickling torture, the Starburst Feather is a tickler that will pleasure an Learn More
  2. Pecker Lipstick - Single

    Pecker Lipstick - Single


    $4.95 each. Assorted colours. Real lipstick with a penis shaped head - for those naughty moments! Learn More
  3. His & Her X Rated Coupons

    His & Her X Rated Coupons



    10 coupons per booklet.

    His and Hers X-Rated Coupon book will get the two of you hot, heavy and defini Learn More

  4. Rad Dude Dicky

    Rad Dude Dicky


    Rad skateboard dicky dude! Learn More
  5. Party Candle Make A Wish And Blow! Penis

    Party Candle Make A Wish And Blow! Penis


    Make A Wish & Blow Penis Candle

    Novelty Candle.  Our penis-shaped Make a Wish and Blow! .

    Each candle measur Learn More

  6. Dicky Devil Horns Illuminating

    Dicky Devil Horns Illuminating


    Perfect for Bachelorette Parties or any late night WILD adventure. Devil horns flash off/on, alternating left & right. Batteries included. Learn More
  7. Party Candle Breast Wishes! Boob

    Party Candle Breast Wishes! Boob


    Breast Wishes Boob Candle Novelty Candle

    Our boob-shaped Breast Wishes! paraffin candle is very popular. One candle per blister card.

    Learn More

  8. Pin The Hose On The Fireman

    Pin The Hose On The Fireman


    No fire too hot, no hose too long! The object of this sexy party game is for you to equip the firemen with the appropriate 'hose' to put out your fire. Chances are, this game will heat up your next party! Game includes two 48" x 36" posters Learn More
  9. Blow Job Vouchers

    Blow Job Vouchers


    Surprise your special someone with 10 unforgettable treats including whipped cream, in the kitchen, first thing in the morning and more. Booklet allows you to personalize each voucher and notifies recipient that it cannot be used with a Learn More
  10. Scratchers - Love Treats

    Scratchers - Love Treats


    scatchie lotto tickets Learn More
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