's J-girls Dress Up Fantasy's J-girls Dress Up Fantasy

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The stresses of everyday Japanese life make girls want to fantasize about being in a different place; a virtual adult Disneyland full of costumes, toys and lots of hard cocks. Maids, schoolgirls, army soldiers and even cows, are just a few of the many ways Japanese girls dress up and fantasize about escaping their realities.

Miku Hayama is cute in her everyday clothes, but dressed up like a little maid makes her even more delicious. Her black and white maid uniform is slowly stripped off by her master. She pretends to not like his aggressive nature, but that is just part of playing the submissive maid role. He peels her white panties off and explores her inner workings; first splitting open her thick and very meaty J-lips and then bringing her bright pink clit to attention, while he plows through her fur coated, orange colored slice. Her master's commands and precision fingerwork get her pussy dripping, as his other finger works her virgin anus into shape.

Static electricity has her pubes standing on end, as her master rips through her milky hole and jiggles her big boobies around, before feeding her a large mouthful of his ultra potent J-jizz. Mayu Yamaguchi is very young with a baby face. She fulfills old men's fantasies as she dresses in her schoolgirl dress and let them play teacher with her. She has short hair and very studious glasses. Below her shirt is a lovely pair of thick J-boobs with soft, perky and slightly pointy nipple tips. Her flower patterned panties hide a fleshy pink fuck hole that this filled with liquid J-sap, just waiting to get flushed out of her. His fingers come out soaked, as her thick J-cream clings to his hands like glue.

She moans and groans as he extracts even more juice from her pussy, before cramming her mouth and fuck hole with his cock. Her tight body sucks his dick up deep, as her skinny thighs ride his rod with young passion. He lays this schoolgirl out for a final lesson in spreading cum wads across her pretty chest. Makoto Amano is cleaning house as a good little maid for her very demanding master. He comes home and quickly undresses her, leaving only her long black boots and maid hat on. He inspects her pussy and complains of its unkempt condition, before breaking out a razor and dry shaving it clean again. She has a very pretty and very deep planter, that sucks in fingers, cocks, and anything else with ease. It is filled with luscious J-juice that flows freely with very little stimulation.

He stuffs her juicy box and rams it hard, before pulling out and spilling a nice one all over her nose and face. He then immediately orders her back to work to finish her cleaning chores! Seira Rando's boyfriend makes her dress-up like an army soldier. She doesn't only look tough in her uniform but she is more than capable of inflicting discipline into weak army privates. 2 substandard soldiers in her platoon are dressed only in their underwear, as she drops them to the ground and whips them with a belt, making them do push ups while they lick her underwear, ass and pussy. She suffocates the 2 candidates with her pussy before sucking each of their cocks. She has them both to wash their faces between her sap-soaked legs and then shave her pussy clean with a dry razor.

Once the two pathetic platoonsmen are done, her boyfriend gets the privilege of bangin he