Super Stretch Tickler Sleeves

Super Stretch Tickler Sleeves

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Clear Penis Sleeves - Set of 7

These 7 super-stretchy tickler penis sleeves add variety and stimulating pleasure with every thrust! Ranging from 1.75” to 2.75” long, these clear sleeves are covered with pleasure nubs, ribs and sensi-studs that rub against her vagina and clitoris for more stimulation than ever before! Just roll them onto your shaft like a condom; the high-grade TPR can stretch to fit any size without tearing or breaking.

 Plus, the snug fit works much like a penis-ring, delaying your orgasm while reducing blood flow to keep you harder for even longer.

  • 7 different stimulating shapes
  • Stimulates with each thrust
  • Stretchy high grade TPS material
  • Acts like a penis ring for harder erections