Electro Play

With over 50 kits and accessories we are bound to have something to fix that itch to try something different. Electroplay is designed to be fun!!! Experience a never ending range of fantastic sensations that tease and torment both him and her.
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  1. $25.00

    Explore a new way of communicating without saying a word. Fetish's new Beginner's Ball Gag will give your partner control and you can't say a word. Adventure into a new world of submission. He placed the firm rubber gag in my mouth and tigh Learn More
  2. $299.00

    Sexy Black 27 cm USB Rechargeable E-Stim The first of his kind: Sizzling Simon is unprecedented, because our E-Stim Vibes are the first and only toys that have you enjoy both vibration and electrical stimulation at once – and they don’t eve Learn More
  3. $250.00

    The ElectraStim Jack Socket is a double award-winning compact realistic stroker. It has a curvaceous internal texture, skin-like movement and a lifelike feel, but the similarities with other men’s sex toys ends there. Learn More
  4. $119.00

    If sensory play pushes your buttons, this pair of uni-polar e-stim clamps could liven-up your lovemaking. They’re suitable for use anywhere below the waist and have an adjustable grip that opens the tips up to 20mm apart. Ideal for genital clamping, Learn More
  5. $99.00

    ElectraLoops are made from super-conductive rubber (6.5mm thick) with a machined aluminium adjustment choke Learn More
  6. $139.00

    Electro dildos are among our best-selling products but the higher price of our luxury metal toys can be prohibitive for some ElectraStim fans. Ovid comes in at almost half the price of Rocket and Wave, and it's also our first dildo designed Learn More
  7. $19.00

    Size: 120g (4oz) This non-greasy electro conductive gel is a must when using penis/scrotum ElectraRings or the adjustable ElectraLoops. It ensures good electrical contact between the accessory and your skin which is essential in acheiving t Learn More
  8. $24.95

    For use with any ElectraStim stimulator (sold separately). Each ElectraPads pack contains 4 square pads. The re-usable, square, self-adhesive uni-polar ElectraPads conduct electrostimulation creating erotic tingles and pulsations that en Learn More
  9. $34.95

    Size: 15mm by 75mm (0.6" by 3") These self adhesive pads are long and thin making them ideal for placing along or around the cock or across the labia minora/majora. Re-usable up to six times by the same persons, supplied in a pack of Learn More
  10. $36.00

    Electrastim solid metal ring are crafted from a solid metal bar, polished to a mirror finish and fitted with a 2mm connection socket. The packs consist of different size rings in order to accommodate different size and fit variations. Learn More
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