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  1. Glow-in-dark Silicone Penis Extension

    Glow-in-dark Silicone Penis Extension

    Soft, yet arousing and life-like feel the extra pleasure this ribbed penis extension offers. Made with thrilling nodules that provide erotic stimulation as well as adding length and width, what more could a partner as for? Enjoy a little EX Learn More
  2. Vibrating Cock Ring Black

    Vibrating Cock Ring Black

    ULTRA SOFT COCKRING CLEAR, BLUE & BLACK. WE’LL SEND WHAT IN STOCK An ultra-soft silicone material cock ring and can stretch to accommodate most shaft sizes for long-lasting erections. ? Snug Fit! ? Fits Any & All sizes! ? Nubby Tickl Learn More
  3. Ace Soft Rubber Erection Ring

    Ace Soft Rubber Erection Ring

    Rubber ring with screw adjustments . Worn at the base of the penis, it helps maintain erections after ejacaculation. Fully adjustable and comfortable. Remains totally secure during use and can be released immediately. May be worn with a co Learn More
  4. Glans Ring With 4 Balls 23mm

    Glans Ring With 4 Balls 23mm

    Stainless Steel Ring with super quality polish Fits around the Head of the Cock Inside Diameter: 23mm , 4-Balls: 10mm in diameter, 3.2mm thick Learn More
  5. Ring Of Power

    Ring Of Power

    A fully adjustable cock ring. For a stronger orgasm. Learn More
  6. Ball Flask & Crusher

    Ball Flask & Crusher

    Made from stainless steel the Ball Crusher allows you to both stretch and crush your testicles. Weighing in at 1.5kg the ball crusher comes in two main parts. The first is a standard ball stretcher that splits into two pieces, allowing for Learn More
  7. Penis Head Gland Ring 30mm X 10mm Ball

    Penis Head Gland Ring 30mm X 10mm Ball

    Head Ring with Frenulum Ball Surgical Stainless Steel. Ball Size 10mm Thickness 3.2mm Feel more during intercourse and when having an orgasm with this Steel Ball Head Ring! Simply place ring around your penis head, fit nice and tight, Learn More
  8. Ovo B12 Blue Chrome Ring

    Ovo B12 Blue Chrome Ring

    reddot design award 2013 - honourable mention silicone material lead-free phthalate-free 100% body-safe materials fully integrated vibrator points towards partner innovative double band style rounded for comfortable use showerpro Learn More
  9. Adam's Extension Clear

    Adam's Extension Clear

    Clear Penis Sleeve This soft and stretchy penis extender is comfortable to wear and adds two inches plus girth to any erection. The penis head-shaped tip offers a realistic feel, and the shaft is enhanced with sensation nubs for extra mu Learn More
  10. Donut Rings Assorted 3 Pack

    Donut Rings Assorted 3 Pack


    The Stay Hard Donut Rings 3 Pack are super stretchy and very strong. These Stay Hard Cock Rings are a simple seductive add on to prolong your ejaculati Learn More


Items 1 to 10 of 198 total

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