For Him

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    Get it on with the famous celebrity you’re been wanting. She’s prime time and ready! Three hot and horny holes to satisfy you! Learn More
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    A 5 point magnetic field that's inside the cock ring increases the blood flow into the penis which then enhances your long-lasting harder erection. The magnetic cock ring creates an erection then acts as a gate that holds your penis erect. Learn More
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    Hit that clit while you drive deep and prove that multiple orgasms are real for her while experiencing one heck of an explosive climax yourself with the Jelly Rabbit Ultra Soft Cock Ring. Learn More
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    This ultra-fit beaded cock-ring will not only prolong your erection, but also create a heightened sense of pleasure for your partner when you wear it. Learn More
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    An ultra-soft silicone material cock ring and can stretch to accommodate most shaft sizes for long-lasting erections. Learn More
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    Rubber ring with screw adjustments . Worn at the base of the penis, it helps maintain erections after ejacaculation. Fully adjustable and comfortable. Remains totally secure during use and can be released immediately. May be worn with a condom. Learn More