For Him

  1. $76.95

    The Teardrop Peins Ring is a fantastically pleasurable addition to your collection! The extension of the penis ring can be positioned in several different ways: * most common is with the point facing upward to the rear so that it stimulates the perineum (the spot between the balls and anus) and other erogenous zones. * point the tongue tip outward and UP to cradle your balls, creating a ledge of support. * point the tongue tip outward and down, so you will feel the Teardrop Penis Ring grind your balls into your partner with each stroke. Experiment yourself and find what other positions provide the best stimulation and pleasure! Learn More
  2. $24.95

    Stuck with the rubber penis ring? No worries, this ring cutter will get rid of it in a snap. Simply slide the smooth arc shaped piece under the ring and rotate the screw and you will be ready to put on a new ring. Do make sure to put on the right size next time though! Learn More
  3. $99.95

    Stainless Steel -This is quite a unique toy. The device can be locked into place around Penis and Balls. Size: Ring has 1.83 inch inner diameter, 1.55 inch wide band, Screw points can be adjusted to protrude up to 0.48 inches into interior of ring. Learn More