Sex Toys

Whether it be a simple vibrator or a sophisticated device designed to satisfy him or her or both you will be hard pressed not to find something here to take your fancy. Feel free to browse our range of vibrators, adult games, dongs, dolls, pussies, restraints, bondage, lubricants, condoms and massage oils .Free batteries are included if your purchase requires it.
Remember that almost anything can take the role of a sex toy ........have fun

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  1. $69.00

    Relax and sooth any sensitive spots with Willow, a multi purpose pleasure wand designed to help you unwind. Learn More
  2. $299.00

    Meet Elvie the award-winning kegel exercise tracker. A strong pelvic floor helps prepare the body for pregnancy, ageing and impact sports. Small and disceet, Elvie comes recommended by physiotherapists, obsterricians and personal trainers a Learn More
  3. $59.00

    For the manĀ“s extremely sensitive area! Insert the beaded dilator and use the ring to direct it in the right direction. Learn More
  4. $49.00

    The name says it all! Sextreme Sperm Stopper is a glans ring with urethra plug. Learn More
  5. $59.00

    Sextreme Harness for Her and Him is a robust harness made of silvery metal (free of nickel) for her and him. Learn More
  6. $99.00

    Increase the sense of adventure and introduce the thrill of powerlessness to the landscape of your sex life. Turn your lover into a captive prisoner with these beautifully binding gauntlet cuffs. Learn More
  7. $49.00

    Breathing will come easy, but that doesn't mean that your plaything will! Learn More
  8. $75.00

    Silk sheets, rose petals, candles, and champagne... they've got a time and place. But sometimes the evening calls for something a little spicier. Learn More
  9. $45.00

    .A sturdy, sophisticated, and sensual addition to your armory... Learn More
  10. $45.00

    Layers of leather add a satisfying smack to every impact... Three layers of vegan leather create a dramatic sound upon impact, with each slap arousing a red hue upon your plaything's flesh. Learn More
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