Sex Toys

Whether it be a simple vibrator or a sophisticated device designed to satisfy him or her or both you will be hard pressed not to find something here to take your fancy. Feel free to browse our range of vibrators, adult games, dongs, dolls, pussies, restraints, bondage, lubricants, condoms and massage oils .Free batteries are included if your purchase requires it.
Remember that almost anything can take the role of a sex toy ........have fun

  1. $112.00

    Girl on girl or girl on guy, the Infinity provides ultimate pleasure through the use of mutual penetration. Just imagine... one multi-purpose toy reaching different erogenous zones for lovers at the same time! The flexibility and versatili Learn More
  2. $39.95

    Designed to Fit with Palm Power Massager Learn More
  3. $20.00

    2 Silicone rounded massager heads designed to fit the palmpower range of massagers 100% Silicone Learn More
  4. $34.00

    Designed to Fit with Palm Power Massager 100% Silicone Phthalate Free Soft Touch Learn More