Sex Toys

Whether it be a simple vibrator or a sophisticated device designed to satisfy him or her or both you will be hard pressed not to find something here to take your fancy. Feel free to browse our range of vibrators, adult games, dongs, dolls, pussies, restraints, bondage, lubricants, condoms and massage oils .Free batteries are included if your purchase requires it.
Remember that almost anything can take the role of a sex toy ........have fun

  1. $84.95

    The Teardrop Penis Ring is a fantastically pleasurable addition to your collection! The extension of the penis ring can be positioned in several different ways: Learn More
  2. $24.95

    Stuck with the rubber penis ring? No worries, this ring cutter will get rid of it in a snap. Simply slide the smooth arc shaped piece under the ring and rotate the screw and you will be ready to put on a new ring. Do make sure to put on the right size next time though! Learn More
  3. $99.95

    Stainless Steel -This is quite a unique toy. The device can be locked into place around Penis and Balls. Size: Ring has 1.83 inch inner diameter, 1.55 inch wide band, Screw points can be adjusted to protrude up to 0.48 inches into interior of ring. Learn More
  4. $69.95

    Seamless, Solid Stainless Steel beautiful design. It gives you hours and hours delight. Learn More
  5. $94.95

    Surgical Stainless Steel Plug with Five Rings on the shaft, Size 145mm high and the shaft Diameter is between 32 and 44mm. Learn More
  6. $79.00

    HighFi Skin Scratcher - Steel - It's the perfect gift for yourself or a friend. You must add a HighFi to your bondage gear collection. Learn More
  7. $39.00

    The ultimate addition to anyone who's into Water Sports. The Sprinkler Penis Plug, let the showers begin. Learn More
  8. $16.95

    Solid Stainless Steel with smooth finish . All weights come with an S hook. Learn More
  9. $44.00

    This Penis Plug has a central hole to hold you open - you're free to pee or cum without removing it. Learn More
  10. $34.95

    Sperm Stopper Penis Plug This Sperm Stopper gives the penis a hard firm head, just like during an orgasm. Penis bondage can be greatly enhanced with our Sperm Stopper Head Ring. Learn More