Sex Toys

Whether it be a simple vibrator or a sophisticated device designed to satisfy him or her or both you will be hard pressed not to find something here to take your fancy. Feel free to browse our range of vibrators, adult games, dongs, dolls, pussies, restraints, bondage, lubricants, condoms and massage oils .Free batteries are included if your purchase requires it.
Remember that almost anything can take the role of a sex toy ........have fun

  1. Bathmate Comfort Pad (3 Pack)

    Bathmate Comfort Pad (3 Pack)


    Bathmate replacement comfort pads for the bathmate Learn More
  2. Bathmate Hydromax X40 Crystal Clear

    Bathmate Hydromax X40 Crystal Clear



    The bathmate hydromax X40 is the ultimate in hydro-technology for penis development and health. Maximum diameter: 56mm (2.2") Maximum l Learn More

  3. Bathmate Goliath Blue

    Bathmate Goliath Blue


    The Bathmate Goliath (12") is the bigger version of the Bathmate Hydropump ( 9"). The Goliath model is not for everyone, so be sure you are extra thick or long already if ordering the Goliath as it is one big boy! Diameter: 4.5" Learn More
  4. Bathmate Hercules - Cleaning Kit

    Bathmate Hercules - Cleaning Kit


    The Bathmate® Cleaning kit comes full of surprises and is a great up-sell for the Bathmate. The kit includes a specially engineered Cleaning Brush with spare sponge head, two high quality towels and a hard wearing capsule case to keep y Learn More
  5. Bathmate Goliath Clear

    Bathmate Goliath Clear


    30% larger than the Bathmate Hercules! Made to the specification of the well hung man that wants to maintain his penile health and gain maximum results. The Goliath was born for two reasons; first being that our Bathmate Hercules customer Learn More