Sex Toys

Whether it be a simple vibrator or a sophisticated device designed to satisfy him or her or both you will be hard pressed not to find something here to take your fancy. Feel free to browse our range of vibrators, adult games, dongs, dolls, pussies, restraints, bondage, lubricants, condoms and massage oils .Free batteries are included if your purchase requires it.
Remember that almost anything can take the role of a sex toy ........have fun

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  1. Tushy Tamer

    Tushy Tamer


    Ease into comfort with this incredible anal desensitizing cream. Perfect for beginners to anal play, this specially formulated lotion gently numbs and desensitizes the rectal area, making the experience more comfortable and enjoyable for bo Learn More
  2. Ring Of Power

    Ring Of Power


    A fully adjustable cock ring. For a stronger orgasm. Learn More
  3. Donut Rings Assorted 3 Pack

    Donut Rings Assorted 3 Pack



    The Stay Hard Donut Rings 3 Pack are super stretchy and very strong. These Stay Hard Cock Rings are a simple seductive add on to prolong your ejaculati Learn More

  4. In The Navy Power Ring Blue

    In The Navy Power Ring Blue


    Hey Sailor... Maintain a full, hard erection with this high tech cock ring. Slip this high quality cock ring on, tighten snugly and you'll remain hard and thick throughout your sex play. At the moment of ejaculation release the centre pull Learn More
  5. Super Stretch Tickler Sleeves

    Super Stretch Tickler Sleeves


    Clear Penis Sleeves - Set of 7 These 7 super-stretchy tickler penis sleeves add variety and stimulating pleasure with every thrust! Ranging from 1.75” to 2.75” long, these clear sleeves are covered with pleasure nubs, ribs and sensi-stud Learn More
  6. Power Rabbit Clit Cockring Black

    Power Rabbit Clit Cockring Black



    Shared pleasure and intensified stimulation for you both comes in the form of this silicone vibrating cockring.

    Learn More

  7. Liberator Ramp Black

    Liberator Ramp Black



    Pitch perfect for performance and comfort. Give you and your partner more access and stability while enjoying each other’s every caress. The Ramp delivers a rise, making from-behind and other mattress moves m Learn More

  8. Power Clit Cockring With Ears White

    Power Clit Cockring With Ears White



    Get the benefits of a stronger harder erection while stimulating your partner with the delicate tickle from perfectly positioned vibrating ears. Learn More

  9. Renegade Stamina Rings

    Renegade Stamina Rings


    The Stamina Rings feature 3 colours of your favourite super stretchy TPE rings for varied combinations of play and maximum pleasure for you and your partner. Suitable for all lubricants, these low-priced rings are a sure hit. Product Dim Learn More
  10. Pulse 3 Duo

    Pulse 3 Duo



    PulsePlate™ technology is the patented system PULSE uses to deliver high-amplitude oscillations rather than low-amplitude vibrations.

    Learn More
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